It’s cold out so WARM UP!

Warming up is a way of preparing your body for exercise. … As your body temperature increases you’ll loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles. That means less stress on joints and tendons. Warm, well-lubricated joints prepare the body to execute sudden and/or explosive movements with ease.

Some of my favorite warm ups for my clients are burpees, jumping rope, using the focus mitts for some boxing, assisted squats and some cardio on the bike!

What’s your favorite way to warm up??


Yup it’s COLD

Thursday’s Winter Warm up for fighting the polar vortex!

Let’s do some warm ups so winter doesn’t get ya down and fight off this cold!

First arm curled let’s get the blood flowing!

Next let’s do some butt kicks and feel the burn!

Follow it up with some burpees really feel the heat build!

Finally burn something big to the ground and bask in the heat because this frigid cold is affecting my brain function!!