Where’s The Magic Pill

I know a lot of people are always asking if weight loss pills work. Or why haven’t they invented a pill that will help you lose the weight without the work.

Maybe it’s because the work is what’s important.

Hypothetically if they had a magic pill that would zap fat off your body overnight well that would be great.

EXCEPT you’d lose all the benefits that working for the weight loss would give you.

Stronger heart and lower resting heart rate from cardio.

Stronger bone density from lifting weights to help fight osteoporosis later in life.

The discipline and self confidence you’ll get from sticking to a program to achieve your goals.

Not to mention beautiful glutes you’ll love showing off!

The list goes on but trust me the easy way is usually never the best way and hardly ever the way that will sustain long term.





As it is “hump” day, here are some exercises you may want to incorporate in your workout for no reason in particular ….😉


Because you may be in that plank position for some time and you’re gonna want the muscles to support you!

Hip thrust.

I mean this ones just obvious for both of you!


Gotta work the toosh and keep it attractive for your better half!

Jump rope!

In case the making with the love goes on longer than the expected 5-7 men you may need the cardio to keep up!

Happy Hump Day

The “Beautiful People” are having more and better sex. So become one of the beautiful

A little bit of discipline with your diet and workouts and you’ll be having more, better sex. That’s reason enough to get into shape! 

If you have less body fat you feel more confident. You will have better endurance. strength and flexibility. So now sex is lasting longer, its more creative and fun.

Yes you’ll be healthier and live longer and have less medical issues in the long run…..but it’s all about the sex!
Mike G