The Purpose of Functional Training

I see this all the time in the gym. Trainers thinking up ridiculous exercises to profit off the uneducated in the fitness field.

I can assure you nothing in your life will be improved by balancing on an object while lifting weights. How is this going to benefit you?

What will benefit you is training your body and muscles to improve your everyday life!

The Purpose of Functional Fitness Training.

Strengthening your muscles and training them to help you perform everyday activities more effortlessly and without injury is the primary goal of functional fitness exercises. … Core strength and stability is a key component in functional fitness.

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Women shouldn’t lift weights! MYTH

I hear it all the time. I recently did a consult with a woman who said she didn’t do squats because she was petite and didn’t want to get “all big”

It’s HARD gaining muscle and getting big. It’s not even about what you lift or how often or how heavy but what you eat. Not only do you have to put the constant work in at the gym with the weights, you have to eat. And eat and eat and eat and eat. And it’s all gotta be protein. Then more protein and protein shakes and eggs and steak and chicken and fish and chicken and fish …etc.

Plus women lack the testosterone flowing through their bodies in the levels men do to help facilitate gaining all that muscle.

Basically women who lift regularly just get tight and fit and ripped and thin and strong.

So women grab the iron and start lifting those weights. It’ll boost your metabolism for longer periods than boring old cardio, it’ll strengthen your bones and basically make you bad ass!

Keep It Simple

Mike G.

Start Lifting Weights!

Start lifting weights!

Get off the treadmill at the gym and start lifting those weights.

Aside from the obvious reasons of toning up and getting stronger, resistance training helps in ways you can’t even imagine.

• Has been shown to help with depression

• Prevents back pain

• Fights osteoporosis

• Helps you lose fat

Among many other benefits!

“I want a tighter core”

I hear that A LOT! Sadly I find most people don’t even know what their core is? Usually it’s abs people want. Better abs is what these people are looking for and that’s mostly diet.

IF you are truly looking to train your core here are the muscles and exercises you should be doing;
Trapezius for posture 

Latissimus Dorsi for stabilization 

Gluteus Maximus Gluteus Medius for sprinting and balance

Rectis Abdominis, Transverses Abdominis for bending and twisting and acting as a girdle keeping you tight and aligned 

Hip Adductors, Keep you stable and aligned HIP FLEX

Quadratus Lumborum, lower back

Spinal Eredgors Runs along your spine stand up straight and rotate 

THAT’S your core and that’s how you work it!