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Mike G



Trust the Process

The trouble with everyone today is you want it now! “I need results now and I don’t care the cost.”

Well life doesn’t work that way.

You don’t climb to the top of Everest in one shot one day. You have to do it in stages. Your body has to adjust to the different altitudes.

Without the adjustments and adaptations you could die simply from the thickness of your blood. It takes time and patience, but that’s the real challenge.

I recently had a perspective client come to me and tell me they needed to lose 30lbs in a month. How could I help them.

“Stop eating. Stop eating entirely, drink water and take vitamins and good luck!”

They looked at me like I punched a baby. The truth is I don’t want that person as a client because they don’t want to put in the time and effort it’s going to take to make healthy life changes to lose that 30 pounds, and to keep it off long term.

Your health and fitness are a process but the process is an important part. The daily routine, the discipline you learn, the feeling of accomplishing your goals after all that hard work that’s the point of the process. Once you’ve got it off you’ll keep it off.

Fitness can be Simple if you’re willing to trust the process

Mike G.