The Purpose of Functional Training

I see this all the time in the gym. Trainers thinking up ridiculous exercises to profit off the uneducated in the fitness field.

I can assure you nothing in your life will be improved by balancing on an object while lifting weights. How is this going to benefit you?

What will benefit you is training your body and muscles to improve your everyday life!

The Purpose of Functional Fitness Training.

Strengthening your muscles and training them to help you perform everyday activities more effortlessly and without injury is the primary goal of functional fitness exercises. … Core strength and stability is a key component in functional fitness.

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The Holidays are comin!!

The holidays are almost upon us which means you’ll be headed home to see family and friends or old friends may be coming back into town.

This is the chance for you to show them how much you’ve let yourself go or how fit and healthy you’ve become!

Let’s not pretend like you won’t make that same New Years resolution to “get into shape” either! Let me guess, this is the year! You’ll join a gym, (money thrown away monthly) you make a solid go at it in January but before February maybe the snow prevents you from getting there, before you know it. it’s April you haven’t gone in a month BUT HEY, you’ll go back for the summer body?

Stop, just stop!

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January’s Challenge Complete

I set a challenge for myself in the end of December to accomplish 4000 squats and 2000 push-ups for the month of January.

Instead of doing sets daily I focused on 4-5 days a week aiming for a total of 200 squats and 100 push-ups a day.

January has come and gone and I did 4000 squats and 2000 push-ups. Keeping it simple I was able to workout essentially every other day in January and make big strength gains. I started doing sets of 40 for squats and 20 for push-ups. By the end of the month I was doing sets of 100 for squats and 40 for push-ups.

This took MINUTES A DAY!

It really is amazing how simple working out can be if you just begin.