No Pain No again Not True.

I know most of you want to feel that pain a day after a workout! Makes you feel like you worked hard. But muscle soreness doesn’t always equate to a good workout or gains!

The soreness you feel or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is simply your body’s reaction to working muscles in a new way.

If you’re maintaining a regular workout routine your body will adapt to that routine which means you’ll feel less soreness and can still be making progress.

For instance you might be someone who jogs regularly without soreness in your legs. BUT if you took one day and did multiple sprints at your fastest pace, you’d definitely feel some pain. That doesn’t mean one workout is better than the other. Everything should be based on your goals.

If you want more accurate methods to see if your workouts are giving you the progress you want, use the mirror, before and after pics, take measurements, journal your workouts to see if you’re lifting heavier or more sets and finally and lastly use the scale.


Mike G