First Friday April Workout

IF you’ve been following along this is your first Friday workout so get it done

Burpees 10

Squats 14

Pushups 10

IF you’ve been playing along you successfully just worked out 5 days in a row.

Or you’re thinking a couple squats here and there aren’t gonna make the difference. If that’s your style enjoy diabetes and an ugly early death!

Yeah I went there on a Friday 😱



April Day 2

April’s Day 2 Simple Starter workout for you!

Much the same as day 1

5 burpees

11 Squats

10 push-ups


Thursday’s helpful hint to save your shoulders!

Thursday’s helpful hint to save your shoulders!

I’m a big believer of leaving ego out of your workouts. Men and pushups are a good example. Ever seen one man watching another do push-ups the viewer will always comment the doer isn’t touching his nose or chest or whatever to the ground.



When it comes to bench press and pushups the exercise should start at full extension then stop when you’re elbow is at a 90 degree angle. Don’t touch the bar to your chest, all you’re doing is tearing up the most complex joint on your body to look cooler at the gym.

Stop at 90!

Feel free to list any other helpful tips to save your shoulders and rotator cuffs!

Mike G

Don’t Bother!


That was my advice to a an overweight co-worker discussing when he should start working out.

He has workout equipment at home. I suggested some exercises he could be doing with his workout equipment at home.

That’s when he told he he didn’t want to start yet because his vacation was coming up and he didn’t want to get hurt.

“I’ll start when I get back from vacation.

I replied with “don’t bother.”

It’s ok if you’re not a gym rat, or a runner or a Spartan Racer or yoga enthusiast.

Not everyone cares about their health, energy and physical appearance not to mention longevity of wellness.

Some people just want to get by and that’s ok that’s your choice.

So I made it easy for him.

“Don’t bother”

If you enjoy not working out, being 40 pounds over weight and relaxing then DO THAT!

Bottom line if you want to make changes make changes not excuses!

Happy hump day!