Don’t Bother!


That was my advice to a an overweight co-worker discussing when he should start working out.

He has workout equipment at home. I suggested some exercises he could be doing with his workout equipment at home.

That’s when he told he he didn’t want to start yet because his vacation was coming up and he didn’t want to get hurt.

“I’ll start when I get back from vacation.

I replied with “don’t bother.”

It’s ok if you’re not a gym rat, or a runner or a Spartan Racer or yoga enthusiast.

Not everyone cares about their health, energy and physical appearance not to mention longevity of wellness.

Some people just want to get by and that’s ok that’s your choice.

So I made it easy for him.

“Don’t bother”

If you enjoy not working out, being 40 pounds over weight and relaxing then DO THAT!

Bottom line if you want to make changes make changes not excuses!

Happy hump day!