Between Blue Light and Posture Problems, is staring at screens changing us forever?

How many of you make a living sitting at a desk hunched over a screen?

How often do you check your phone? Are you holding it up high with good posture or letting your head pull your neck down and forward?

That blue light being emitted from all your electronics, is that doing anything to your brain or sleep patterns?

Are we turning into some sort of slouched over, weak night dwelling species?

All this and more on the next Maury Povich show! Plus are you the father!

Just kidding.

But really are we changing our race in a bad way or evolving into some sort of cybernetic organism?

Anterior Dominance. Put simply, the anterior dominant posture is the position where your shoulders are rounded forward. … When your shoulders are rounded forward more of your body weight of the upper body is pulling your head forward.

So a quick fix or two if you’re not ready to evolve into the Borg from Star Trek.

Start swinging the kettlebell.

It’ll work the muscles of your core including the traps and upper back to pull your posture back into place.

Turn off that blue light on your phone and laptops or wear blue light blocking glasses!

OR become one of the many in the hive mind!


The Purpose of Functional Training

I see this all the time in the gym. Trainers thinking up ridiculous exercises to profit off the uneducated in the fitness field.

I can assure you nothing in your life will be improved by balancing on an object while lifting weights. How is this going to benefit you?

What will benefit you is training your body and muscles to improve your everyday life!

The Purpose of Functional Fitness Training.

Strengthening your muscles and training them to help you perform everyday activities more effortlessly and without injury is the primary goal of functional fitness exercises. … Core strength and stability is a key component in functional fitness.

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Jump some rope, swing some kettlebells!

It’s that simple. Wanna get into better shape? Wanna do it in your living room watching tv?


Grab a jump rope and some kettlebells. Between kettlebell exercises jumped rope for a minute. Keep up the intensity and you’ll be finished in 20 minutes while watching your favorite show!

Either running from Zombies, riding dragons with Khaleesi or whatever Pixar movie you have to put on to keep the kids distracted, get to work.