Benefits of Kettlebells and Sandbags

Benefits of Kettlebell and Sandbag training.

As a firm believer in functional training and strengthening your body for everyday life and injury prevention, nothing does this better than the kettlebell or sandbag.

Aside from just being fun to train with these tools benefit your training in ways the simple iron won’t.

Both of these tools build grip strength. You have to be able to hold both tools while performing the dynamic exercises.

They train your bodies 3 planes of motion. The sagittal, frontal, and transverse. Isolated reps with barbells and dumbbells don’t.

Since the moves are mostly dynamic (kettlebell swings, clean and press) these tools combine cardio and strength training which means your workouts are also more efficient.

You’ll lose more fat since you’re building muscle and burning calories with cardio combined.

Most exercises consist of whole body movements so workouts don’t take as long.

Lastly sandbags and kettlebells are just fun to train with

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