$10 total body fitness

You don’t have the time

You don’t have the money

You don’t have the equipment

Below is a picture of a jump rope. A good one for under $10. You can leave it in your car, hang it on a coat rack by your door, put it in your luggage when you travel.

You can jump rope at lunch at work. While watching tv. You can do it with your children.

Jumping rope will make every muscle work and burn.

It’ll help you lose weight.

It’ll help build muscle.

It’ll make your heart strong as hell.

Stop making excuses and start improving your health today.


To Reclaim Your Fitness Reclaim Your Youth

So you’re older now. You’re heavier you’re stressed you don’t want to workout but you want to have that youthful 20 year old body you once had. There’s an easy fix for that.

Remember all those fun things you used to do as a kid? Ride a bike, jump rope, play in the woods, roller skate.

Do those things!

Jumping rope is an amazing cardio workout. Grab a jump rope and try skipping for a full two minutes tell me if your lungs are burning and calves are on fire.

Rent some skates and hit the rink. Bring your kids or invite some friends then go burn a lot of calories while having fun.

Grab some trail shoes and hit the trail. Run or hike through the woods. Bring your camera and enjoy the free meditation.

Finally my favorite get on your bike! Ride on the road or a towpath or get in the dirt on some singletrack.

You’ll enjoy yourself, burn calories, build cardio and clear your head. You don’t have to accept what time may be doing to your body. It’s a choice. Choose to have some fun!

What else do you miss from your childhood that’ll keep you fit and healthy?

Mike G

The Importance Of Foot Speed and Leg Strength

Jump rope and do squats! 

ONLY if you wanna live a longer more active life at least you should do these two things. Science has shown a direct correlation between leg strength and longer life. When you get older having stronger legs means your body is breaking down less and you’re still able to get around on your own. Less likely to have to move into a nursing home and stronger legs through squatting means stronger bones and less injury. Couple jumping rope which give you fast feet and that means less tripping and falling to the ground. The faster you can get your feet back under your body the less likely you are to hit the ground and break something. 

So forget the fact that jumping rope is excellent cardio and squats make your ass look fantastic, think about you later years and start NOW.

Jump some rope, swing some kettlebells!

It’s that simple. Wanna get into better shape? Wanna do it in your living room watching tv?


Grab a jump rope and some kettlebells. Between kettlebell exercises jumped rope for a minute. Keep up the intensity and you’ll be finished in 20 minutes while watching your favorite show!

Either running from Zombies, riding dragons with Khaleesi or whatever Pixar movie you have to put on to keep the kids distracted, get to work.