Treat Yo Self

Get yourself a foam roller!

Being fit and healthy is less about working out and more about recovery….so you can workout more!

One of the cheapest simplest and fun ways to aid in the recovery process is foam rolling.

It’s the cheap mans massage and you can do it and watch TV at the same time. For about $20 you can have a foam roller shipped to your door and start today.

This article from Outside Magazine has some good tips for foam rolling but YouTube is full of videos to get you started!

Keep it simple!

Mike G


Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

The Cheap Mans Massage!

There are many benefits of foam rolling. Aside from the fact it just feels good and you can do it while watching tv at home it can “reduce fatigue, improve recovery and enhance your range of motion.

Click the link below to find out more benefits and some exercises you can preform.

February Fun

January’s squat/push-up Challenge was all about pain and discipline. So I’ve decided to change it up for February and relax and recover for the rest of the month.

I’ll spend February doing nothing but a base minimum of resistance training and focus completely on mobility exercises, yoga, stretching and foam rolling. Let’s see if I can get this 45 year old body feeling new again!


Foam Rolling