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“There is no perfect time. No perfect opportunity. No perfect situation. No Perfect moment. You either make it happen, or you don’t. You don’t wait for it to fall in your lap. You take it.”

Maggie Rogers


All Good Reasons NOT TOO!

Thinking of hiring a certified personal trainer?

Pfft what a waste of money don’t kid yourself!

Fitness? Completely overrated! Losing your breath while grocery shopping is normal and comes with age! Back pain? Yeah get used to it you’re old!

Invest the time? HA no thanks these TV shows ain’t gonna watch themselves. It’s scientifically proven your couch gets less comfortable the less you use it so don’t you dare do squats!

Just do it yourself. I mean sure you don’t quite know proper form, you don’t know the difference between cardio to build your VO2 max and HIIT, so what!

Instead of hiring a professional to help you or write you a program just go to the gym. Walk on the treadmill a bit while you watch TV. Do a curl or two then take a selfie and hashtag it #GymLife #CantStopWontStop

Because it’s not about what you do it’s about what others think you do!

I hate seeing others reach their goals and loose fat and feel better so definitely don’t hire me!

(Reverse psychology works every time suckers)

To Reclaim Your Fitness Reclaim Your Youth

So you’re older now. You’re heavier you’re stressed you don’t want to workout but you want to have that youthful 20 year old body you once had. There’s an easy fix for that.

Remember all those fun things you used to do as a kid? Ride a bike, jump rope, play in the woods, roller skate.

Do those things!

Jumping rope is an amazing cardio workout. Grab a jump rope and try skipping for a full two minutes tell me if your lungs are burning and calves are on fire.

Rent some skates and hit the rink. Bring your kids or invite some friends then go burn a lot of calories while having fun.

Grab some trail shoes and hit the trail. Run or hike through the woods. Bring your camera and enjoy the free meditation.

Finally my favorite get on your bike! Ride on the road or a towpath or get in the dirt on some singletrack.

You’ll enjoy yourself, burn calories, build cardio and clear your head. You don’t have to accept what time may be doing to your body. It’s a choice. Choose to have some fun!

What else do you miss from your childhood that’ll keep you fit and healthy?

Mike G

Time is of the Essence

You’re a single parent

Work full time

Between helping with homework, soccer games and birthday parties you have no time to hit the gym.

If you don’t carve out some time for your health and fitness you’re doing yourself and your family a disservice.

It’s like the emergency procedures on a plane you must secure your mask before helping others.

That’s where Simple System Fitness can help. I’ll work around your schedule. If you can find a way to even carve out 30 minutes twice a week we’ll get you going on your health and fitness goals.

I bring the gym to you. You don’t have to leave your house or buy any equipment. 30 minutes in and out to a healthy happier more energetic you.

We want to know – is time your biggest roadblock?


Mike G

The secret pill to losing weight is Cold Water!

The secret pill to losing weight is cold water.

But it’s not a secret.

I know I know you don’t like drinking water I hear it all the time. Usually followed by “but I drink tea/coffee and that’s basically water!”

Yes it’s basically water except it basically drains your body of all its water making it the anti-water so your argument is invalid.

A colleague gave me this argument and when I pointed out drinking cold water is a free way to burn calories as your body has to heat the water up to 98.6 degrees and it has zero calories means you’re burning calories doing nothing. He told me it wasn’t enough. About 70 calories for every 64 ounces.

Well kids here’s the thing. I drink close to a gallon of cold water a day. Which means I burn 140 calories a day just heating water in my body.

That’s 51,000 calories burned a year drinking water.


Break it down further that’s 12lbs worth of calories I’ve burned simply hydrating my body. Since I need the water to help digest food, carry nutrients, hormones and antibodies, remove toxins, lubricate joints…etc. I’m gonna be drinking it anyway so why not chill it and get the caloric burn benefits?

Drink your water people!

Mike G