The secret pill to losing weight is Cold Water!

The secret pill to losing weight is cold water.

But it’s not a secret.

I know I know you don’t like drinking water I hear it all the time. Usually followed by “but I drink tea/coffee and that’s basically water!”

Yes it’s basically water except it basically drains your body of all its water making it the anti-water so your argument is invalid.

A colleague gave me this argument and when I pointed out drinking cold water is a free way to burn calories as your body has to heat the water up to 98.6 degrees and it has zero calories means you’re burning calories doing nothing. He told me it wasn’t enough. About 70 calories for every 64 ounces.

Well kids here’s the thing. I drink close to a gallon of cold water a day. Which means I burn 140 calories a day just heating water in my body.

That’s 51,000 calories burned a year drinking water.


Break it down further that’s 12lbs worth of calories I’ve burned simply hydrating my body. Since I need the water to help digest food, carry nutrients, hormones and antibodies, remove toxins, lubricate joints…etc. I’m gonna be drinking it anyway so why not chill it and get the caloric burn benefits?

Drink your water people!

Mike G


No Pain No again Not True.

I know most of you want to feel that pain a day after a workout! Makes you feel like you worked hard. But muscle soreness doesn’t always equate to a good workout or gains!

The soreness you feel or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is simply your body’s reaction to working muscles in a new way.

If you’re maintaining a regular workout routine your body will adapt to that routine which means you’ll feel less soreness and can still be making progress.

For instance you might be someone who jogs regularly without soreness in your legs. BUT if you took one day and did multiple sprints at your fastest pace, you’d definitely feel some pain. That doesn’t mean one workout is better than the other. Everything should be based on your goals.

If you want more accurate methods to see if your workouts are giving you the progress you want, use the mirror, before and after pics, take measurements, journal your workouts to see if you’re lifting heavier or more sets and finally and lastly use the scale.


Mike G

Between Blue Light and Posture Problems, is staring at screens changing us forever?

How many of you make a living sitting at a desk hunched over a screen?

How often do you check your phone? Are you holding it up high with good posture or letting your head pull your neck down and forward?

That blue light being emitted from all your electronics, is that doing anything to your brain or sleep patterns?

Are we turning into some sort of slouched over, weak night dwelling species?

All this and more on the next Maury Povich show! Plus are you the father!

Just kidding.

But really are we changing our race in a bad way or evolving into some sort of cybernetic organism?

Anterior Dominance. Put simply, the anterior dominant posture is the position where your shoulders are rounded forward. … When your shoulders are rounded forward more of your body weight of the upper body is pulling your head forward.

So a quick fix or two if you’re not ready to evolve into the Borg from Star Trek.

Start swinging the kettlebell.

It’ll work the muscles of your core including the traps and upper back to pull your posture back into place.

Turn off that blue light on your phone and laptops or wear blue light blocking glasses!

OR become one of the many in the hive mind!


Here’s your Friday funday workout!

Warmup with some boxing, burpees and jump rope.

Next grab your TRX and do some super sets

Back Row/Chest Press

Bicep Curl/Tricep Ext

Now grab your Kettelbells for some fun!

Start with Clean and Press

Hit your Deadlifts

And finish strong with some Goblet Squats!

What’s that? You don’t have a TRX or kettlebells?

Well I do so give me a call and let’s get you working out with a Simple System for Fitness!

Mike G


Yup it’s COLD

Thursday’s Winter Warm up for fighting the polar vortex!

Let’s do some warm ups so winter doesn’t get ya down and fight off this cold!

First arm curled let’s get the blood flowing!

Next let’s do some butt kicks and feel the burn!

Follow it up with some burpees really feel the heat build!

Finally burn something big to the ground and bask in the heat because this frigid cold is affecting my brain function!!

How important it diet?

What you eat fuels your workouts but also keeps you healthy and dictates how you feel.

Eat cake for a week and vegetables the next week and tell me which made you feel better.

As important as what we eat, is how we cook those foods. Certain spices can be overlooked which help make a meal tasty and have huge health benefits

I’m a big believer in turmeric because of its ability to help your brain grow new neurons and to help with inflammation, and a host of other amazing factors.

Enjoy this article about spices to that can be a strong attribute to your health and wellness.