Make sure you’re eating clean food. Have a cheat day but if you’re serious and disciplined eat clean veggies and protein. Don’t worry about calories if you’re eating well. Have a cheat day tho live your life! Cut sugar and cut way back on alcohol. They both cause inflammation in the body which leads to all sorts of health concerns! You should be trying to drink a gallon of water a day which is a lot! But just breathing on a daily basis your body uses 2 liters of water.


Working out! The stress you’re putting on your body is only healthy because of the adaptation it causes. Like stressing your body on a long ride. Your body uses the calories to fuel you and it will adapt by changing muscle tissue and your metabolism because it thinks you’re gonna keep stressing yourself which you are.

Recovery is KEY.

Sleep is when your body recovers and heals and adapts so 7-9 nightly is imperative!! Don’t take that lightly!

Keep it Simple!

Mike G

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The Holidays are comin!!

The holidays are almost upon us which means you’ll be headed home to see family and friends or old friends may be coming back into town.

This is the chance for you to show them how much you’ve let yourself go or how fit and healthy you’ve become!

Let’s not pretend like you won’t make that same New Years resolution to “get into shape” either! Let me guess, this is the year! You’ll join a gym, (money thrown away monthly) you make a solid go at it in January but before February maybe the snow prevents you from getting there, before you know it. it’s April you haven’t gone in a month BUT HEY, you’ll go back for the summer body?

Stop, just stop!

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