Everyone’s doing it! (Suspension Training)

From TRX to Onnit Suspension rings there’s a mess of Suspension Trainers out there. Ranging from about $50-$200 you can essentially take your workout with  you everywhere you go. You can use a closed door or a bolt in your ceiling or even tie them off to a tree branch. 

But do they work.
Yeah turns out the do!

Jump some rope, swing some kettlebells!

It’s that simple. Wanna get into better shape? Wanna do it in your living room watching tv?


Grab a jump rope and some kettlebells. Between kettlebell exercises jumped rope for a minute. Keep up the intensity and you’ll be finished in 20 minutes while watching your favorite show!

Either running from Zombies, riding dragons with Khaleesi or whatever Pixar movie you have to put on to keep the kids distracted, get to work.