Let me keep you accountable!

A trainer not only guides you and motivates you, we keep you accountable!

Invest in yourself and your health and keep the New Years Resolutions this year!



It’s You vs Yesterday

This is the year you achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle.

• Proper diet

• Working out


Personal fitness routines written specifically to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated and excited for change.

One on one in home personal training.

Couples training.

Weight loss packages available.

It’s as simple as one call away for a free consultation to discuss your health and wellness goals!

Give yourself the gift of fitness.

How you look in the mirror isn’t the only reason to stay healthy this season.

Invest in transforming yourself.

Purchase 12 workout for the price of 10

New Year a fresh start for a new you!


Treat Yo Self

Get yourself a foam roller!

Being fit and healthy is less about working out and more about recovery….so you can workout more!

One of the cheapest simplest and fun ways to aid in the recovery process is foam rolling.

It’s the cheap mans massage and you can do it and watch TV at the same time. For about $20 you can have a foam roller shipped to your door and start today.

This article from Outside Magazine has some good tips for foam rolling but YouTube is full of videos to get you started!

Keep it simple!

Mike G


The Purpose of Functional Training

I see this all the time in the gym. Trainers thinking up ridiculous exercises to profit off the uneducated in the fitness field.

I can assure you nothing in your life will be improved by balancing on an object while lifting weights. How is this going to benefit you?

What will benefit you is training your body and muscles to improve your everyday life!

The Purpose of Functional Fitness Training.

Strengthening your muscles and training them to help you perform everyday activities more effortlessly and without injury is the primary goal of functional fitness exercises. … Core strength and stability is a key component in functional fitness.

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