April Week 2 Day 4


Week 2

Day 4

Burpees 15

Squats 18

Pushups 12

You still staying disciplined?




Coming this summer to a trail near you!

Simple System Fitness will be leading hikes through nature with regular fitness stops.

Bring your dog invite your friends and get fit while making you mutt happy!

1 hour, mixed pace, trail hikes.

$7 to get out into nature boost your cardio, build strength and keep your dog healthy and happy!

Contact Mike G for more info.


$10 total body fitness

You don’t have the time

You don’t have the money

You don’t have the equipment

Below is a picture of a jump rope. A good one for under $10. You can leave it in your car, hang it on a coat rack by your door, put it in your luggage when you travel.

You can jump rope at lunch at work. While watching tv. You can do it with your children.

Jumping rope will make every muscle work and burn.

It’ll help you lose weight.

It’ll help build muscle.

It’ll make your heart strong as hell.

Stop making excuses and start improving your health today.

First Friday April Workout

IF you’ve been following along this is your first Friday workout so get it done

Burpees 10

Squats 14

Pushups 10

IF you’ve been playing along you successfully just worked out 5 days in a row.

Or you’re thinking a couple squats here and there aren’t gonna make the difference. If that’s your style enjoy diabetes and an ugly early death!

Yeah I went there on a Friday 😱