Diet vs Exercise for Weight Loss!

Diet vs Exercise for weight loss?

The truth is to be effective at losing weight the proper way you need both.

Losing weight is a SimpleSystem of math. Burn more calories than you take in. It really is that simple. Starve yourself and I promise you’ll lose weight. Is that the healthiest smartest way?


A Simple System of the right workouts and proper nutrition can easily lead the way for your weight loss! Getting the right nutrients and working out to help burn calories but, also keeping up bone density and preventing muscle loss is key to a happier healthier lifestyle.

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Today, I had yet another person tell me they don’t do squats because they have bad knees. My initial reaction was to point out that if they had been doing squats all along they probably wouldn’t have bad knees. (She was a runner btw).

Squats are NOT bad for you. They aren’t bad for your back. They aren’t bad for your knees. They aren’t bad for your hips. If done incorrectly YES they can be very bad for you. Then again water is key to a happy healthy life and if you drink too much too fast it’ll kill you.

Ok so we’ve learned everyone should do squats whether it’s to prevent knee or back injury or to recover from knee or back injury. (After injury always check with a Dr. before performing any exercise!)

Here are simple articles to help everyone understand!

Mike G.

Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition

Want to lose weight?

Want to gain muscle?

Want more energy?

Want to be healthier?

Want a diet that burns fat?

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Start with proper nutrition and begin a healthier lifestyle.

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The Importance of Functional Training

Functional Training is the new hot trend in the fitness world but why?

The simple answer is functional training strengthens your body for your everyday life. It’s not about building a “beach body” or getting “yoked” it’s about being fit and healthy enough for your everyday life to be more enjoyable.

Your workouts are aimed at strengthening your core and and improving your mobility so you’re less prone to injury in your daily life. Relieve back pain, avoid knee injuries and improve shoulder mobility. With a Simple System you can create a home workout that’ll make it easy to stay disciplined.

You’ll feel better almost immediately and yes you will still lose weight and look great!

Enjoy this article to help you understand the benefits of Functional Training!