Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

The Cheap Mans Massage!

There are many benefits of foam rolling. Aside from the fact it just feels good and you can do it while watching tv at home it can “reduce fatigue, improve recovery and enhance your range of motion.

Click the link below to find out more benefits and some exercises you can preform.


The Wim Hof Method

Check out this video on YouTube:

Wim Hof has scientifically proven that he can control his immune system and negate the affects of temperature all by using a simple practice of breathing.

He had climbed Mt Everest on shorts and no shirt. Run a marathon in the desert without water. Broken a world record for swimming under the ice.

All this achievement from a simple breathing exercise. I’ve enclose a small sample of what he teaches but suggest you look into it for yourself.

Sugar Causes Cancer!

Sugar Causes Cancer

I generally don’t give a lot of specifics nutritional advice to my clients. If they ask about diet, I’ll give them two simple rules to follow.

1.Try and eat clean and healthy veggies and protein

2. Cut out all your sugar.

Aside from what sugar has been shown to do with inflammation in the body and the way of changes your gut biome it also causes cancer.

So if it’s not turning you diabetic it’s turning your cells against you!


Water Water Everywhere…

Water Water Everywhere…

If you train with me you know I push hydration. 3 liters to a gallon a day just keep drinking more and more water.

I start everyday drinking a 16oz water bottle I put next to my bed the night before.

This article is short and sweet but gets the hydration point across especially the case for drinking as soon as you wake up!

Start Lifting Weights!

Start lifting weights!

Get off the treadmill at the gym and start lifting those weights.

Aside from the obvious reasons of toning up and getting stronger, resistance training helps in ways you can’t even imagine.

• Has been shown to help with depression

• Prevents back pain

• Fights osteoporosis

• Helps you lose fat

Among many other benefits!