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Where’s The Magic Pill

I know a lot of people are always asking if weight loss pills work. Or why haven’t they invented a pill that will help you lose the weight without the work.

Maybe it’s because the work is what’s important.

Hypothetically if they had a magic pill that would zap fat off your body overnight well that would be great.

EXCEPT you’d lose all the benefits that working for the weight loss would give you.

Stronger heart and lower resting heart rate from cardio.

Stronger bone density from lifting weights to help fight osteoporosis later in life.

The discipline and self confidence you’ll get from sticking to a program to achieve your goals.

Not to mention beautiful glutes you’ll love showing off!

The list goes on but trust me the easy way is usually never the best way and hardly ever the way that will sustain long term.


Don’t Bother!


That was my advice to a an overweight co-worker discussing when he should start working out.

He has workout equipment at home. I suggested some exercises he could be doing with his workout equipment at home.

That’s when he told he he didn’t want to start yet because his vacation was coming up and he didn’t want to get hurt.

“I’ll start when I get back from vacation.

I replied with “don’t bother.”

It’s ok if you’re not a gym rat, or a runner or a Spartan Racer or yoga enthusiast.

Not everyone cares about their health, energy and physical appearance not to mention longevity of wellness.

Some people just want to get by and that’s ok that’s your choice.

So I made it easy for him.

“Don’t bother”

If you enjoy not working out, being 40 pounds over weight and relaxing then DO THAT!

Bottom line if you want to make changes make changes not excuses!

Happy hump day!


It’s cold out so WARM UP!

Warming up is a way of preparing your body for exercise. … As your body temperature increases you’ll loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles. That means less stress on joints and tendons. Warm, well-lubricated joints prepare the body to execute sudden and/or explosive movements with ease.

Some of my favorite warm ups for my clients are burpees, jumping rope, using the focus mitts for some boxing, assisted squats and some cardio on the bike!

What’s your favorite way to warm up??