All Good Reasons NOT TOO!

Thinking of hiring a certified personal trainer?

Pfft what a waste of money don’t kid yourself!

Fitness? Completely overrated! Losing your breath while grocery shopping is normal and comes with age! Back pain? Yeah get used to it you’re old!

Invest the time? HA no thanks these TV shows ain’t gonna watch themselves. It’s scientifically proven your couch gets less comfortable the less you use it so don’t you dare do squats!

Just do it yourself. I mean sure you don’t quite know proper form, you don’t know the difference between cardio to build your VO2 max and HIIT, so what!

Instead of hiring a professional to help you or write you a program just go to the gym. Walk on the treadmill a bit while you watch TV. Do a curl or two then take a selfie and hashtag it #GymLife #CantStopWontStop

Because it’s not about what you do it’s about what others think you do!

I hate seeing others reach their goals and loose fat and feel better so definitely don’t hire me!

(Reverse psychology works every time suckers)


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