The secret pill to losing weight is Cold Water!

The secret pill to losing weight is cold water.

But it’s not a secret.

I know I know you don’t like drinking water I hear it all the time. Usually followed by “but I drink tea/coffee and that’s basically water!”

Yes it’s basically water except it basically drains your body of all its water making it the anti-water so your argument is invalid.

A colleague gave me this argument and when I pointed out drinking cold water is a free way to burn calories as your body has to heat the water up to 98.6 degrees and it has zero calories means you’re burning calories doing nothing. He told me it wasn’t enough. About 70 calories for every 64 ounces.

Well kids here’s the thing. I drink close to a gallon of cold water a day. Which means I burn 140 calories a day just heating water in my body.

That’s 51,000 calories burned a year drinking water.


Break it down further that’s 12lbs worth of calories I’ve burned simply hydrating my body. Since I need the water to help digest food, carry nutrients, hormones and antibodies, remove toxins, lubricate joints…etc. I’m gonna be drinking it anyway so why not chill it and get the caloric burn benefits?

Drink your water people!

Mike G


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