You’d think this was the Occult of the Black Screen or (OotBS)

Look around today and really notice everyone and their attention to the screen. Phone up in front of their face texting, facebooking, meme’ng.

Shoulders rounded and slumped forward, neck straining against the head tilt. You can see the hunchback affect at work. Or sitting at your desk leaned forward horrible posture. It’s ok then when you get home you’ll slouch on your couch watching tv!

The evolution of the human body was never intended for this!

This past weekend I went on a 2 hour hike with a friend. Here’s a secret you may not have known. A “hike” is just walking in the woods. You’re welcome. However I decided for this hike I’d throw on a pack with some weight in it and leave my phone in the pack for the entire hike. I wasn’t even going to take any photos for Instagram (sorry followers @MXG72). I had an amazing time. I talked with my hiking partner for two hours. We didn’t check our texts or make calls or update Facebook we just talked.

It felt amazing. I was in nature connecting with another human and getting exercise outside of the gym as God herself would have me do!

So basically the moral of the story is GET YOUR ASS MOVING! Just do anything other than stare at a screen…..uh after reading this I guess?

2nd moral follow me on the IG OF COURSE!

Mike G


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