The Dangers of the Desk Job

Humans were neither designed nor evolved to sit at a desk 8 hours a day. It’s killing you and your posture. First off forget Vitamin D because in the winter months you aren’t seeing the sun. Secondly when you hunch over your monitor straining your eyes, you’re also rounding your shoulders forward and down. This tightens your chest muscles. You’re weakening your back and glutes and sitting all day is damaging your spine.

But you have to work for a living I get it. So you need to fix your posture. 

By stretching out your chest muscles and releasing your hips and strengthening your back and core you can again walk upright like nature intended. 

It’s as simple as a couch stretch and a lacrosse ball to massage your hip flexors. Some back rows to tighten and pull your shoulders back and working that core.

Contact for a free program to fix your desk posture. 

Mike G


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