You don’t know….SQUAT.

It’s maybe the most fundamental exercise that anyone can do. Yet most people aren’t doing it. I’m not talking about gym rats or even weekend warriors I’m talking about everyone. 

You use your legs everyday for everything. Walking to the car, grocery shopping, standing while you cook, riding your bike, getting out of bed, even sitting on the toilet, everyday you put wear and tear on your legs.

But do you even squat bro?

If you’ve ever read any article that’s lists essential movements squats is on every list and for good reason. 

“Squatting is a fundamental pattern that’s basic to human movement. Regularly performing squats keeps your body moving the way it was designed to, while helping to protect you from injuries related to a sedentary lifestyle.”

Just a couple days a week of body weight or “air squats” could strengthen your legs and alleviate pain and soreness and be a good functional training tool kept in your tool box.
If you think I was all about the deadlift….you don’t know SQUAT!
Mike G


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