It’s a Priority or it’s NOT.

I hear a LOT of my friends on Facebook and in person telling me how they WANT to lose weight, get fit and become healthy…

But they just don’t have time! 

That’s the lie we tell ourselves. If it would kill you to not eat right and workout I bet you’d find the time. What you mean to say is “it’s not a priority for me.”  And that’s ok! 

For those of you who want it to be a priority then start using your time wisely. I’ve said this many times, make small changes and little life hacks to achieve your fitness goals or at least to get you started on them. Park in the back of the parking lot at the grocery store and jog to the entrance. Watch your favorite tv shows and skip rope during commercial breaks. Stand up from your desk at work and knock out 25 squats. 

Wow look at that? You had time after all…


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