I’m new to the gym. WHAT SHOULD I DO??

I get this question a lot!

My response is always the same “what goal are you trying to achieve.”

Which of course sets them up for the standard I wanna lose some weight and get healthier.

This of course is a lie. Well not entirely it’s more of the standard answer because you don’t wanna say “my boyfriend dumped me and I wanna make him jealous” or “summer’s coming and I wanna look buff by the pool to get chicks.

Whatever your reasoning is I don’t care. I just want your honest goal so I can help you achieve it. You think I don’t wanna look buff and make some jealous. Come on we’ve all been there. Once you tell me we’ll congrats now we can begin!

Activate your Muscles!

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Take the time for a proper warm up for better result and less injury.

Yes warming up with some cardio before resistance e Training is good, gets the blood flowing and looses muscles up BUT you can also warm up by activating the particular muscles you plan on working that day.

Activating your muscles will increase your strength, improve your coordination and flexibility, lower your risk of injury and decrease your pain!

Below are some links to help you with activating some big muscle groups!

Keep It Simple!




February Fun

January’s squat/push-up Challenge was all about pain and discipline. So I’ve decided to change it up for February and relax and recover for the rest of the month.

I’ll spend February doing nothing but a base minimum of resistance training and focus completely on mobility exercises, yoga, stretching and foam rolling. Let’s see if I can get this 45 year old body feeling new again!


Foam Rolling


January’s Challenge Complete

I set a challenge for myself in the end of December to accomplish 4000 squats and 2000 push-ups for the month of January.

Instead of doing sets daily I focused on 4-5 days a week aiming for a total of 200 squats and 100 push-ups a day.

January has come and gone and I did 4000 squats and 2000 push-ups. Keeping it simple I was able to workout essentially every other day in January and make big strength gains. I started doing sets of 40 for squats and 20 for push-ups. By the end of the month I was doing sets of 100 for squats and 40 for push-ups.

This took MINUTES A DAY!

It really is amazing how simple working out can be if you just begin.