As it is “hump” day, here are some exercises you may want to incorporate in your workout for no reason in particular ….😉


Because you may be in that plank position for some time and you’re gonna want the muscles to support you!

Hip thrust.

I mean this ones just obvious for both of you!


Gotta work the toosh and keep it attractive for your better half!

Jump rope!

In case the making with the love goes on longer than the expected 5-7 men you may need the cardio to keep up!

Happy Hump Day



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Treat Yo Self

Get yourself a foam roller!

Being fit and healthy is less about working out and more about recovery….so you can workout more!

One of the cheapest simplest and fun ways to aid in the recovery process is foam rolling.

It’s the cheap mans massage and you can do it and watch TV at the same time. For about $20 you can have a foam roller shipped to your door and start today.

This article from Outside Magazine has some good tips for foam rolling but YouTube is full of videos to get you started!

Keep it simple!

Mike G